PawCalc 2.1

Programmable calculator with support for expressions

PawCalc 2.2 is a scientific and programmable calculator for PDAs running the Palm Operating System (PalmOS). PawCalc needs at least version 2.0 of the PalmOS, and it has been successfully tested on different versions of PalmOS up to and including the new PalmOS 5.0.

PawCalc features include:

  • Expression-based notation - enter your math problems just like you write them on paper
  • Programmable - in a simple, yet powerful language
  • Complex numbers - for example, "(2+3i) * i" is "-3+2i"
  • Mathematical, physical, and chemical constants - comes with 25 pre-defined constants
  • Conversion between more than a hundred different units
  • User-definable screen layout
  • Functions for trigonometry (with inverse and hyperbolic), logarithms, and exponentiation
  • Loan worksheet
  • Special functions like gamma, erf, erfc
  • Statistical, bit and logic functions
  • Unlimited number of variables
  • Support for binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers
  • Random numbers

A popular and powerful scientific calculator for Palm PDAs.

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PawCalc 2.1

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